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A relationship that’s still shining after 200 years

Sparkling Silver cups will be presented to the winners at the Chester Races May Festival thanks to a relationship dating back more than 200 years. Chester’s oldest jeweller Lowe and Sons have cleaned and polished the Chester Cupand Chester Vase ready for race week.

Chester Racecourse and the Bridge Street Row jeweller have been working together since the 18th century, when winning owners were presented with gold tumbler cups. Thousands of racegoers will flock to the Roodee tomorrow ,Thursday and Friday for the MayFestival.
The Chester Cup, which was first runing in1824, and the Chester Vase, established in 1907, are the showpieces of the three-day festival.

“Every year the cups come in for a clean and polish, and for us to sort
out any defects,
” said Kevin Parry, general manager of Lowe and Sons.

“We have always had a very good relationship with the racecourse, and we are very proud of our involvement.”

Lowe and Sons are also providing tumber cups,based on the same design used in the 18th century, which will be given to the winning owners this week.

“We used to make the cups ourselves about 150 years ago but now they are made elsewhere,” said Mr Parry, who was worked for the company for 36 years.

“The very first cups were gold, then they went to silver gilt and now they are silver. “When I was 16 we used to have to take a selection of cups along to the racecourse’s annual general meeting where Lord Leverhulme would select the cups.

“All the tumbler cups presented at the May Festival are solid silver, and they are silver-plated for the other race meetings.” Lowe and Sons was established by George Lowe in 1770 and has been based on Bridge Street Row since 1804.

- Top right:  Michael Vaughan polishes the cups – the Chester Cup and the Chester Vase
- Bottom right: The winners of the Chester Cup get to keep these fine goblets.

A listing for the 1794 May festival. (RM300413A)